What is sublimation?
Sublimation is an exciting new printing method for embedding a design into fabric. The process involves a white polyester garment being fed into a sublimation printer with the printed design pressed into the garment. This method is a far greater alternative to traditionally stitched sportswear as it allows any design and imagery customisation, plus the design will not come loose, fade or be washed away over time.

Just think of the possibilities for your team. Add unlimited colours, fade colours into one another, add photographs and illustrations, your teams badge or crest. As for text, stylishly combine sponsor artwork and logos, or add players names and numbers anywhere on your team shirt. With sublimation you can rewrite the rules and invent amazing new team sportswear, the only limit is your creativity.

As sublimated sportswear manufacturers, we are excited about the potential for excellent sports kit design, and want to help you get the perfect look. Please contact us about your team and their requirements so we can discuss your design and options available. Follow links below for blank design templates or to sent us a design enquiry.

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